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Laboratory for Economics of Innovation

Science. Technology. Innovation: Pocket Data Book

Ditkovsky K. A., Fridlyanova S., Fursov K. et al.

M.: National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2019.

Unpacking entrepreneurial intensity and individual ambidexterity in small project-based enterprises: A new perspective for the TV drama industry In press

Vicentini F., Peruffo E., Meissner D. et al.

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 2019. P. 1-9.

Book chapter
Transformations of Services

Miles I. D.

In bk.: Human-Centered Digitalization and Services. Singapore: Springer, 2019. Ch. 1. P. 3-15.

Working paper
Conditions for Innovation in KIBS: Evidence from Russia

Chichkanov N., Miles I. D., Belousova V.

Science, Technology and Innovation. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2019. No. 92/STI/2019.

Foresight and STI Governance no 2, 2019

The new issue of the Foresight and STI Governance journal is devoted to the impact of technological progress on employment prospects and the development of competencies. This problem is viewed from the perspective of employees, companies and regions.

Illustration for news: Digital Inequality a Key Challenge on the Road to the Digital Future

Digital Inequality a Key Challenge on the Road to the Digital Future

Along with personal computers, the digital economy originated in the 1980s and quickly began to evolve, with information and technology becoming a bigger and bigger determinant of a country’s economic growth. A new stage of this evolution is now upon us, with explosive technology and data transformation now becoming one of the decisive factors of production.

Illustration for news: What Drives Innovation in Russian Companies

What Drives Innovation in Russian Companies

As part of the Management session of the XX April International Conference, Carl F. Fey from Aalto University School of Business, Finland, presented his paper on Facilitating Innovation in Companies in Russia: The Role of Organizational Culture. In his talk, Professor Fey spoke about the results of three studies he has been conducting with his team.

‘Statistics Should Be Available and Comprehensible to Everyone’

Implementing a digital analytical platform, opportunities for Big Data, and other prospects for the development of Russian statistics were discussed by participants at a plenary session of the XX April International Academic Conference.

‘Isolationism Is the Pathway to Technological Degradation’

The XX April International Academic Conference continued on April 11 with a discussion on digitalization of the economy and public administration. Maxim Akimov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and Curator of the Digital Economy National Programme, spoke about digital business models, public administration, digitalization in industry and science, and the impact of digital technology on the job market.

‘Economic Innovation Is Impossible without the Right to Fail’

The first plenary session of the HSE XX April International Academic Conference continued with a discussion on the sources of economic growth, budgetary policy priorities, as well as investment in infrastructure and human capital. Experts from HSE joined other participants to speak on these issues.

Foresight and STI Governance no 1, 2019

The new issue of the Foresight and STI Governance journal presents the results of research on innovation systems and the development of future scenarios for both developed and developing countries.

Digital Activity of Russian Manufacturing Companies in 2018

The HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge continues to study business digitisation trends, and presents the results of a market survey reflecting the level of digital technologies’ application by Russian large and medium manufacturing enterprises in 2018. Managers of more than 1,200 companies in 30 Russian regions participated in the survey.

HSE Staff and Students Conference to Elect New Academic Council

20 марта 2019 года состоится Конференция работников и обучающихся ВШЭ. Этот коллегиальный орган управления университета собирается раз в пять лет. Предыдущая конференция проводилась в 2014 году. ИСИЭЗ на конференции представят пять делегатов.

Why Foreign Students are Flocking to Russia

The OZY portal, citing the results of research by Alena Nefedova from HSE ISSEK Laboratory for Economics of Innovation writes about Russian education as the “soft power” of the state.